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Instrument Training

Training for the Instrument Rating and
Instrument Currency

The instrument rating is one of the most challenging and rewarding ratings you can achieve in aviation. The rating gives you the capability to fly when reduced visibility or low clouds would otherwise prevent you from safely flying. Michiana Aviation offers training for the initial instrument rating as well as instrument currency reviews.

Flight training is available in our Cessna 172R, and we also provide training with the ASA/Cirrus II Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD). The BATD is a computer-based simulation device that allows you to log time at a significantly reduced rate over flying the actual airplane. Another advantage of the BATD is that you can stop and review in the middle of the flight, which greatly enhances your learning experience.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also approved the BATD for instrument currency requirements. Provided that the approaches and holding patterns you fly on the BATD are supervised by an instructor, you may use them to fulfill the requirements of FAR 61.57 (c) to qualify as pilot-in-command under instrument flight rules.

Cessna 172R: $125 per hr wet
Basic Aviation Training Device: $30/hr
Instrument Instruction: $40/hr

Instrument Master Class
For those pilots who have an instrument rating but are not current or need an instrument proficiency check, we offer a short course that allows you to regain currency in a small-group classroom environment, followed by individual flight and BATD training. The course can be completed in as few as two days, and classes are assembled as demand dictates. For more information on the Instrument Master Class, click here.

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