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The Midwest Regional Pilots Academy at Michiana Aviation provides your top choice for pilot training and airplane rental in South Bend, Elkhart, and the Michiana area. Our goal is to make your aviation experience safe, enjoyable, and rewarding, whether you are a first-time student pilot learning to fly or an experienced pilot interested in aircraft rental.

We offer two Cessna 172R-model airplanes for rent. Both are powered by the fuel-injected Lycoming IO-360 with 180-horsepower upgrade. They each display a standard six-pack instrument panel with IFR-certified GPS.

Our accelerated courses will put you on the fast track to accomplishing your flight training goals. We offer accelerated pilot training for the Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor certificates, as well as for the instrument rating. We have a proven, long-term track record of checkride success and will commit to working with you full time until you complete your training.

5EP in flight
5EP in flight

ASA On-top Basic Aviation Training  

Instruction Rates:
Tier I: $40/hr (Includes primary instruction, flight review and aircraft checkout)
Tier II: $48/hr (Includes Instrument, Commercial, CFI, or primary instruction in your aircraft)
Specialized: $48/hr (Includes Tailwheel, Multiengine, or advanced instruction in your aircraft)

Learn to fly with Michiana Aviation Flight Training School - your first choice for flight training and aircraft rental!

Tyler Frisbie
Private Pilot
Joe Driano
First Solo
Riley Norman
First Solo
Nate Mills
Private Pilot
Tyler Frisbie
First Solo
Nate Mills
First Solo
Matt Hensley
Instrument Rating
Blake Prunsky
Private Pilot
Brandon Boyer
First Solo
Conner Graber
First Solo
John Mathis
Private Pilot
Joe Haddad
Flight Instructor
Jason Christensen
Commercial Pilot

Effective October 15th, 2012, the rental rate for Michiana Aviation Cessna 172R aircraft is $130 per hour plus sales tax, for a total of $139.10 tax inclusive.

Wes Kautzmann is the Director of Operations for Michiana Aviation.  He has logged more than 5,000 hours of instruction given.

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